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JDB Dragon Fishing II Game Review & Free Demo

JDB Dragon Fishing II Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JDB Dragon Fishing II demo game to discover how to win at Megapanalo Casino.

Dive into an exhilarating underwater odyssey with Dragon Fishing II, an enthralling fish shooting game crafted by JDB that immerses players in a realm ruled by the legendary dragon king. Unveil the secrets of the deep, engage in lightning-paced action, and claim priceless treasures in this captivating gaming experience.

Dragon Fishing II, at its essence, combines immersive gameplay features with a diverse arsenal of powerful weapons, promising players not just entertainment but a journey filled with strategic depth and rewarding challenges.

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Free Demo: Dragon Fishing II

5 Dragon Fishing

Dragon Fishing II Details & Information

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Max Win 1800X
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 1

How to Play Dragon Fishing II


Megapanalo - Dragon Fishing II - Interface -

Read through this section to learn how to play Dragon Fishing II! You will learn about Understanding the Game Mechanics, Placing Your Bet and Paylines, and Selecting the Game Room.

1.Understanding the Game Mechanics

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

  • Dragon Fishing II simplifies gameplay with its intuitive auto-shoot feature, an automatic targeting system that streamlines the shooting experience. This allows players to focus more on strategy and precision, ensuring a smoother gaming encounter.

Choosing Weapons

  • Players are presented with a range of weapon options, each boasting varying power and efficiency. Among these is the Dragon Bazooka series, featuring three levels, each with distinct advantages. This selection of armaments provides players with strategic choices tailored to their gameplay preferences.

Bet Adjustment

  • Flexibility in bet adjustments is a key feature of Dragon Fishing II, accommodating diverse player preferences. With different cannon levels—ranging from 1 to 3—players can customize their bets according to their risk tolerance and strategic approach, adding depth to their gaming experience.

2.Placing Your Bet and Paylines

  • Engaging in Dragon Fishing II involves strategic bet placement while considering the intricate paylines. Understanding the relationship between bets and paylines is pivotal in optimizing gameplay.

Players can experiment with various betting strategies aligned with their gaming style and risk appetite, enabling informed decisions that potentially lead to increased rewards.

3.Selecting the Game Room

  • Dragon Fishing II provides a diverse gaming environment with multiple room options. Players can choose from various game rooms tailored to different skill levels and preferences.

Offering two membership types and three room choices, the game accommodates players of various capabilities. Whether opting for the novice area or the expert zone, each room presents a unique experience, with specific betting ranges and challenges designed to match the players’ proficiency levels.

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Game Features of Dragon Fishing II

The game features of  Dragon  Fishing II is really attractive, included Improved Shell Durability and Quantity, Diverse Gaming Atmosphere, Adaptable Memberships and Room Variety and more. Let’s dive in and checkout each of them below!

1.Improved Shell Durability and Quantity

  • Dragon Fishing II distinguishes itself with an innovative feature that enhances both the quantity and resilience of shells, setting it apart in the gaming landscape.
  • This advancement notably transforms the dynamics of gameplay, granting players amplified firepower to pursue and capture a diverse array of fish within the game’s aquatic domain.
  • Notably, employing a level 3 cannon harnesses this enhancement, unveiling an impressive 12x reward multiplier, urging players to strategically select their weapons for maximum gains.

2.Diverse Gaming Atmosphere

  • The richness of Dragon Fishing II’s gaming environment shines through its diverse and captivating features. The game showcases an impressive arsenal of 20 unique fish species, each offering varying odds of up to 300, promising players an immersive and thrilling experience.
  • Furthermore, the game’s support for online multiplayer, accommodating up to four players, elevates the social aspect of gameplay by fostering both collaborative and competitive interactions among participants.

3.Adaptable Memberships and Room Variety

  • Players are presented with a choice between two distinct membership types, each tailored to specific preferences and gaming styles. Additionally, the game boasts three unique room options, catering to players of diverse expertise levels.
  • The availability of novice and expert areas, complete with customized shooting ranges per bullet, enables players to immerse themselves comfortably based on their skill levels, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

4.Dragon Bazooka Arsenal

  • At the core of Dragon Fishing II lies the iconic Dragon Bazooka series, offering players an array of formidable weaponry. These bazookas, categorized into three levels, present varying basic multipliers along with additional free bullets.
  • Moreover, upon achieving hits with a 5x basic multiplier, players unlock the Mega Drill, allowing them to capture fish along a trail path, earning random 10-20x bet points—an exhilarating addition that amplifies the potential rewards within the gameplay experience.

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Dragon Fishing II Winning Strategies

Apply our 5 winning strategies below to win at Dragons Fishing II, included Optimize Your Weapon Choice, Utilize Enhanced Shell Efficiency, Mastering Payline Strategies.

1.Optimize Your Weapon Choice

  • Drawing from the detailed Dragon Bazooka inventory, make strategic cannon selections. Maximize the potential of higher-level bazookas, especially level 3, leveraging their power and extra bullet advantages to enhance your chances for maximum rewards.

2.Utilize Enhanced Shell Efficiency

  • Expanding on the earlier discussion about strengthened shells, strategically aim at groups of fish. Harness the increased shell quantity to capture multiple fish with each shot, elevating the potential for higher payouts.

3.Mastering Payline Strategies

  • Revisiting the Paylines section in “How to Play Dragon Fishing II,” synchronize your bets with the paylines. Continuously experiment with diverse betting strategies to pinpoint the most effective one for your unique playstyle.

4.Strategic Room Selection

  • As emphasized in the game’s features, exercise discernment in choosing your gaming room. The newbie area offers lower-risk betting ranges, ideal for practice or cautious play, while the expert zone caters to seasoned players seeking higher stakes and greater rewards.

5.Cooperative Gameplay

  • In multiplayer mode, coordinate and communicate with teammates. Collaborative efforts significantly enhance efficiency in targeting and capturing high-value fish, amplifying the overall winnings for the entire team.

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Trusted Casino To Play Dragon Fishing II


Trusted Casino to play Dragon Fishing II is Megapanalo. If you’re eager to dive into an exhilarating underwater adventure and test your luck in the captivating Dragon Fishing II Game, Megapanalo Casino is your ultimate destination.

At Megapanalo Casino, players are offered a premier platform designed for those seeking an immersive fishing experience that blends entertainment with the chance to win impressive rewards. Renowned for its dedication to providing a secure and equitable gaming environment, Megapanalo Casino ensures a trustworthy and enjoyable gaming journey.

As you venture into the realm of Dragon Fishing II, rest assured that your gaming experience will not only be thrilling but also reliable. With an extensive array of games, including the thrilling Dragon Fishing II Game, players can access a diverse range of options for boundless entertainment.


In conclusion, Dragon Fishing II by JDB encapsulates the essence of an enthralling underwater escapade, offering players a dynamic fusion of strategic gameplay and immersive challenges.

From its innovative mechanics like enhanced shells and diverse weaponry to the engaging multiplayer dynamics, this game ventures beyond entertainment, providing an avenue for players to explore, strategize, and potentially earn remarkable rewards.

Coupled with platforms like Megapanalo Philippines Casino, where trust, security, and an extensive gaming repertoire converge, the Dragon Fishing II experience becomes not just an adventure, but a trustworthy and exhilarating journey into the depths of gaming excitement.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To play JDB Dragon Fishing II, utilize the auto-shoot feature for streamlined targeting, choose weapons like the Dragon Bazooka series, and customize bets from levels 1 to 3 for an enhanced gaming experience.

Key features include an auto-shoot system, a range of powerful weapons, bet customization, enhanced shell durability, a diverse gaming atmosphere with 20 fish species, online multiplayer, and adaptable memberships and room options.

For an immersive experience with JDB Dragon Fishing II, Megapanalo Philippines Casino stands as a trusted platform offering a secure and equitable gaming environment, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable gaming journey.

Maximize rewards by strategically choosing higher-level bazookas, especially level 3, to leverage their advantages and increase potential rewards in the game.

Enhanced shell efficiency allows players to strategically target groups of fish, maximizing the chances of higher payouts with each shot, augmenting the overall rewards.

Experiment with diverse betting strategies aligned with paylines to identify the most effective strategy matching your playstyle for optimal results.

Room selection caters to different skill levels and risk appetites, offering varied challenges. Novice rooms offer lower-risk betting ranges, while expert rooms are for higher stakes and greater rewards.

In multiplayer mode, collaborative efforts significantly enhance targeting efficiency, aiding in capturing high-value fish and amplifying overall winnings for the team.

Megapanalo Philippines Casino provides a secure and equitable gaming environment, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability for an enjoyable gaming experience with JDB Dragon Fishing II.

With its auto-shoot feature, diverse weapons, enhanced shell capabilities, multiple fish species, online multiplayer, and adaptable room options, JDB Dragon Fishing II creates an immersive and engaging gaming atmosphere for players.

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