Differences European American Roulette Guide

Differences European American Roulette is a live game guide by Megapanalo Casino . Read our review to learn how to win big at Roulette live game today. In the realm of casino gaming, roulette stands as an ageless classic that has held its allure over generations of enthusiastic gamblers.

Be it the seasoned player or the fledgling novice, understanding the intricacies that set European and American Roulette apart is crucial for an enriched gaming experience. Join us as we delve into a detailed exploration of the Differences European American Roulette has to offer.

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Differences European American Roulette Details & Information

Casino Superace
Live Type Table Slots
House Edge Eur 2.7% / American 5.26%
Max Bet 1000
Volatility Low

How to Play Differences European American Roulette


Read through this section to learn how to play Roulette! You will learn about game layout, house edge, exceptions to the house edge, odds & rtp, game rules and red & neighbors.

1.Game Layout

  • A fundamental distinction between European and American Roulette lies in the arrangement of the wheel. The American variant boasts 38 pockets on its wheel, featuring both the ‘0’ and ‘00’.
  • In stark contrast, the European counterpart is adorned with 37 pockets, housing only a single ‘0’. Both versions share 18 red and 18 black pockets, but the extra ‘00’ pocket in American Roulette significantly influences the odds and house edge.

2.House Edge

  • The pivotal factor in the choice between these two variations is the house edge. American Roulette sports a heftier house edge, standing at approximately 5.26%, primarily due to the presence of the ‘0’ and ‘00’ pockets.
  • This grants the house a substantial advantage, especially in even-money bets. On the flip side, European Roulette offers a more favorable house edge, settling at around 2.7%, making it the preferred choice for discerning players.
  • It’s important to note that this slight difference in house edge can wield considerable influence over your long-term winning potential.

3.Exceptions to the House Edge

  • While the house edge may erode your bankroll over time, adept players employing roulette systems can forecast winning numbers with remarkable precision. This foresight can significantly tip the scales in favor of the player, reaching an astounding advantage as high as 120%.
  • Whether your choice is European or American Roulette, the player’s edge takes precedence when wielding a roulette computer. In such scenarios, the house edge recedes into insignificance, with the accuracy of spin prediction reigning supreme.


4.Odds and RTP

  • Although the disparity may seem trivial—a solitary pocket—it accumulates over time, rendering European Roulette the more player-friendly choice. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of comparing odds, RTP, and various game rules, a diverse selection of thrilling roulette game types awaits your exploration.

5.Game Rules

  • While the core rules of roulette remain consistent across all variants, European roulette introduces two noteworthy rules that favor players. First, the ‘En Prison rule’ offers an extra spin when an even-money bet lands in the ‘0’ pocket, effectively slashing the house edge to a meager 1.35%.
  • Moreover, European roulette tables accommodate ‘call bets,’ allowing players to announce their wagers to the dealer instead of placing chips directly on the betting table. These bets prove particularly handy for intricate betting actions such as Red Split and Neighbors.

6.Red Split & Neighbors

  • American Roulette extends the option for players to place a ‘5 number bet,’ covering 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Yet, attempting this audacious bet on a European roulette table is, for good reason, unfeasible. The ‘5 number bet’ comes saddled with a substantial house edge of 7.9%, marking it as one of the least advantageous wagers on the roulette wheel.
  • Despite a tantalizing 6:1 payout, it remains a high-risk choice best left unexplored. An essential caveat is in order: rules may not always apply to the online rendition of the game. Therefore, before embarking on the realms of either the American or European roulette wheel, it’s judicious to acquaint yourself with the pertinent regulations.

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Trusted Casino To Play Differences European American Roulette


Trusted Casino to play Roulette is Megapanalo. If you’re on the quest for an exceptional roulette gaming experience, look no further than the illustrious Casino. Here, you’ll discover an array of roulette tables encompassing both European and American variations, promising a premium gaming environment.

Their attentive and seasoned staff ensures that every player embarks on a memorable gaming session. With an unwavering commitment to fairness and security, Superace Casino guarantees a top-notch gaming experience.

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The choice between European and American variants of roulette pivots on seemingly subtle yet profoundly impactful distinctions. These disparities extend to odds, house edge, and specific rules, ultimately molding your overall gaming experience.

Whether your heart leans towards the lower house edge of European Roulette or the thrill of American Roulette, comprehending these subtleties is the key to making well-informed decisions. Embrace the art of gaming and let the wheel of fortune spin in your favor. Happy gaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Look for the green pockets on the Roulette wheel. Two green pockets indicate an American Roulette table, while one green pocket signifies a European Roulette table.

European Roulette has a single zero pocket, while American Roulette features a double zero. This distinction affects the odds and house edge.

European Roulette offers better odds with a 1 in 37 chance, resulting in a lower house edge of 2.7% compared to American Roulette’s 1 in 38 chance and 5.26% house edge.

European Roulette is preferred due to its lower house edge, making it a better choice for players seeking higher chances of winning. Its house advantage is only 2.63%.

Players bet on a specific number, and the dealer spins the wheel in one direction while rolling the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball settles in the pocket corresponding to the chosen number, players win.

European Roulette offers the ‘En Prison rule,’ granting an extra spin for even-money bets landing in the ‘0’ pocket, which reduces the house edge to 1.35%. Players can also make ‘call bets’ for more complex betting actions.

The ‘5 number bet,’ placed on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, carries a high house edge of 7.9%, making it a risky wager despite the 6:1 payout.

American Roulette typically has a higher house edge of about 5.26%, while European Roulette boasts a lower house edge of around 2.7%, providing players with a better chance to win.

Yes, professional players who employ roulette systems can predict winning numbers with high accuracy, reducing the impact of the house edge and gaining an edge of up to 120%.

Yes, the layout of the games differs with American Roulette featuring two zeros and a different sequence. Additionally, some rules, like the ‘En Prison rule,’ apply only to European Roulette and may not be present in the online versions of the game.


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